Thursday, May 15, 2014

Paphus Live Chat for Android

You can create, access, and chat on your live chat channels from your Android phone or device.

The Paphus Live Chat app can be downloaded from Google Play, here, or search for Paphus Live Chat on Google Play from your Android phone or device.

Sign In

Sign In. Your sign in is remembered until you sign out, so you only need to sign in once.


Browse public channels, or your own personal channels. Browse allows filtering and sorting of channels, and remembers the last bot you accessed.


Chat live directly from your phone or device.

Forums, Bots, and Domains

The Paphus Live Chat app also provides forums, and chat bots.
You can also access any channels your create from the Android app from the web interface. The web interface allows additional administrative features for configuring your channel.

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