Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to create your own live chat channel in 10 clicks

Paphus Live Chat provides commercial hosted live chat channels, chat bots, chat rooms, and forums. You can create your own live chat channel, chat room, or forum and link or embed it on your own website or mobile app.

To create a commercial live chat channel you must first click Sign Up for an account. Accounts start at just 99 cents per month, and range from Basic hosted accounts, to Dedicated hosting. You can also license the Paphus Live Chat software to install on your own machines.

When you create an account you will get your own Domain. A domain is an isolated space where you can create your own live chat channels, chat bots, and forums.

The Browse page lets your browse the live chat channel categories and shows the featured channels. There are public and private channels. A public channel can be accessed by anyone, a private channel can only be accessed by the user who created it and the users they grant access to. You can administer your channel users from the Admin page. You can also add an automated chat bot agent to monitor, or service your channel from the Admin page.

Live chat channels can be configured in two different modes, One On One, and Chat Room.

Live Chat

One On One is an online call center style configuration where users only get to chat with an operator. When a user connects they are queued for the next available operator. When an operator or administrator connects they can see the connected users, and can chat with the other operators. They can accept the first user in the queue, or can 'private' a specific user.

Chat Room

Chat Room is a channel where all users can see and chat with all other connected users. Users can also private other users to engage in a private one on one chat session. Administrators also have the option of booting users.

Chat Bots

Both type of channels can be configured with an automated chat bot agent. The bot will service the channel and chat with the users. For a One On One channel, the user is free to chat with the bot at anytime, such as when all operators are busy, or no operators are online. Adding a chat bot to your channel can help you reduce your call center staffing requirements, and improve your customer response time. Chat bots work 24x7, so you can still service your online call center when no operators are available.

For a Chat Room the chat bot will take part in the discussion. In Chat Room mode, the chat bots are configured to only answer questions that they know the answer to, or that are directed to them. Users can private the chat bot like any other user, and administrators can boot the bot if they choose.

The channel bot is configured from the Admin page. You can select any of the bots that you have created, or create a new bot. You can monitor and administer the bot the same as any of your bots. The bot can be configured in two modes.

  • Listen Only - The bot will only monitor the channel conversation, and will learn responses from the operators or users. This is a good way to train your bot.
  • Answer and Listen - The bot will both answer questions, and learn from operators and users.

You can access your live chat channels embedded link from its channel page. You can use this link to embed your channel on your own website. You can also add live chat to your own mobile app using the Paphus Live Chat web API or Android SDK.

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